Our Commercial Range includes customised features for:

  • Inventory Management

  • Care Management

  • Property Management

  • Event Management

  • & more


With integrated full compliance auditing & advanced reporting capabilities, discover how our versative commercial range of Aurora Smart Tags could transform your business.

Designed to Save Lives & Make a Real Difference

Our domestic range includes:

  • Medical ID wearables

  • Smart Pet Tags

  • Equine Tags

  • Sports tags

  • & more.

View our product gallery to see our great range of Aurora Smart Tags.

Easy to Use, with just a smartphone

  • Using proven tried & tested NFC or QR technology, our Smart Tags are designed to be simple and easy to use.

Designed to be the most versatile, reliable, & robust smart tag solution ever. Available in a range of designs, & tailored for a variety of domestic & specialist commercial purposes

How they Work

Aurora Smart Tags are designed to be easy. Each tags can be accessed by an everyday smartphone. (*)

Simply put your phone against a Smart Tag, & on your screen the information to share will appear.

For Commercial Smart Tags, the information you see will depend upon who you are. It’s that simple.

(*) Simply requires Data/Wifi & uses the phone’s in-built NFC reader

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Designed for Commercial & Domestic Uses

Aurora Smart Tags are available as life saving Medical ID bracelets, Inventory Management tags, Event Tickets, Care Management wearables, & much more. In fact, when you see just how easy they are, we’re confident you’ll think of countless ways they can be of use to virtually everyone!

Why not interact with all of our products online with some of our lifelike 3D models?

Aurora Smart Tags for everyone

Aurora Smart Tags are easy to use affordable technology designed to provide important information, location alerts, or specialised workflow.
Available in a number of designs (such as bracelets, keyfobs, stickers, sew-on tags etc.), they are also available to support a wide range of purposes, domestic and commercial, such as medical ID, inventory management, event ticketing and more.

See the wide variety of product types, or their practical applications, or visit the Product Range to see our suggested prices.

See our Range of great products, available to buy now, through a growing range of resellers worldwide

Aurora Smart Tags are available through a wide range of specialist resellers, & can be incorporated into a wide range of products.

With a range of models & styles, as well as with custom branding options, Aurora Smart Tags are unlimited in their versatility, with new ideas & opportunities born daily.

Modes on all Domestic Tags

Aurora’s Domestic Smart Tags include 3 available modes:

  • Medical ID/Alert – Providing easy access to important ICE (In Case of Emergency) information
  • Tag – Customised messaging for each tag, making them ideal for pet tags to keyfobs
  • Lost – Every tag can activate the ‘Lost’ mode, helping aid recovery, providing the right return instructions, as well as alerts

Aurora was first designed to save lives, & help people & pets get the help they most need. Find out more about our domestic range of ICE Smart Wearables for humans & pets.


Commercial Smart Tags for uses in Warehouses

Offering role based interactive experiences, it provides easy interaction by the right people, to see the right screens, in just the right way.

Wide range of specialist ‘mode settings’ available including:

  • Inventory Management – For accurate & easy to update asset tagging of your complete inventory
  • Property Management – compliance, auditing & certifications made easy
  • Event Ticketing – Make events ticketing easy with our smart-ticket solutions
  • Rental Services & Tourism – On hand information for rental clients & tourists
  • Residential & Domiciliary Care – Realtime care monitoring & auditable care tracking
  • Charity Collection – Encourage engagement, subscription, & donation, through transparent communication of information,  recovery plans, & donation targets
  • Construction, Health & Safety – From time reporting, equipment & safety-wear allocation, to work assignment details
  • Interactive multi-media experiences –  Enhance exhibitions, museum, geo-tagging, & self-tours
  • Memorials – Tagging monuments, gravestones, & tributes, for respectful information sharing with relatives, friends, grounds-keepers & the public

Aurora even offers completely bespoke commercial solutions, including custom made ‘modes’, workflow features, cross-platform integrations, & white label solutions.

Ask about our versatile domestic & commercial smart tags, or about how to become an Aurora Smart Tag reseller!

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